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Amsterdam is a city of art and heritage.  One of the top financial centres in Europe, also the commercial capital of the Netherlands. It has been recognised as an Alpha World City by the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) research study group. 7 of the of the world’s top five hundred largest companies, such as Philips and ING, are based in this city. In 2012, Australian innovation agency called 2thinknow has ranked Amsterdam as 3rd in innovation in their “Innovation Cities Index”. It was ranked as the second best city to live in by the EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit). Whether you are thinking about your Amsterdam trip you might know Cheap Amsterdam Vacations.

This 17th century’s golden age city has legacies of the extravagant canal, narrow houses, modern art, artistic architectures, cycling traditions are the key to its character.

Traveling to Amsterdam

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Airport (0031207940800) is the main international airport which is located 9 kilometres southwest of Amsterdam. You can find nice and cheap flight deals online. You can also get in there by train and the entry point is Amsterdam Centraal station. You can find trains – 09007678526, from the Amsterdam Central Station, where trains depart every 8-10 minutes.  Stena Line’s Dutch flyer provides combined rail and ferry travel for travelling to Amsterdam. You can also get there by bus (0031383394741; from nearby cities.

By Car:

You can hire cars from the airport or other designated areas only and drive to your destination. Although it might be a little bit tough to find parking in the central Amsterdam ( and the hourly rate could be about €4-€5 but you can always find parking free or cheaper parking if you avoid the central.

Public Transport

Once you get there, get an I AMSTERDAM CITY CARD to have the most out of your visit with a smooth start for having free transport throughout the city, and a free pass for top tourist attractions, museums, free canal cruise and have most out of your time and money. Having this card will get you special offers, discounts, special offers, giveaways and vouchers throughout the throughout Amsterdam and its surrounding area even for hotels, rentals, theatres, restaurants.

Amsterdam has very impressive public transport network together with metrosbusestramsferries, and trains to make a tour around the city easy and convenient. But Cycling is the culture statement for the city and one of the best ways to get around and it is a Must have experience for the visitors. They have over 80,000 bikes in the city and unbeatable network of bike paths and cycle routes.

Suitable accommodation in Amsterdam

Although the preferable time to visit is in the spring, however, Amsterdam is always full of tourists, therefore, it is a little bit tough to find a suitable accommodation in the city centre. So the best way would be to book hotels online prior to your visit or you can live a little bit far from the main city centre.

Hostel prices 

Dormitories in Amsterdam are expensive, a 10 –bed dorm might cost you at least 15 -20 EUR if they are not in the centre, on the other hand, you have to pay at least 25 – 35 EUR per night somewhere in the city centre. Private rooms would be in between 80 – 100 EUR per night. As a Lodger, you can expect free WiFi, breakfast, and linens.

Budget hotel prices

Even in a 2-star hotel, the rooms could be around 60 EUR per night and for a double bed room could be 80 – 100 EUR, but be mindful of paying nearly double during the high season. You might find competitive prince on Airbnb, something around 25 – 35 for a shared room and 65 -75 for the entire apartment.

Average cost of food

You can find ample budget-friendly fast foods in Amsterdam, from McDonald’s to Maoz to Wok to Walk. You can expect something in between 5 – 5 EUR. Restaurants would be more expensive, 20-25 EUR with a drink. Ideally, it would be cheaper if you are able to cook your own food, expect to pay 55 EUR per week for groceries and other basic foodstuffs.

Things to do and see in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is a city for all weather. The list to to-do’s never ending. You will find all your needs to have a perfect holiday in here. Having in one of the city’s lovely bistros or informal breakfast spots, at that point take in artistry.Walk around the channels, stop for lunch… go shopping, have a savour a laid-back dark coloured bistro, go out for supper to a comfortable neighbourhood put or a top of the line eatery, and after that hit Amsterdam’s clamouring nightlife with its marvellous mixed drink bars, stylish new nightspots, and clubs with huge name DJs. Or, on the other hand, you could go for a waterway voyage, look at some craftsmanship exhibitions or little historical centres or investigate cutting-edge neighbourhoods. The choices are close everlasting!

Whatever time of the year you visit there are many activities and things to do to enjoy your visit and make it a lifetime experience. So, whether you are paying a day tour or visiting for the weekend or long tour just step out of the tourist path of the town centre and get the best attractions and unmissable experiences.

City’s unmissable attractions are

  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
  • Rembrandt House Museum
  • ARTIS Royal Zoo
  • Amsterdam Museum
  • Hermitage Amsterdam
  • Foam Photography Museum
  • EYE Filmmuseum
  • Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age
  • Our Lord in the Attic
  • De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam
  • Het Scheepvaartmuseum (The National Maritime Museum)
  • Amsterdam Diamond Museum
  • Jewish Cultural Quarter
  • NEMO Science Museum
  • Tropenmuseum
  • ARTIS Micropia
  • Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot
  • Museum Het Schip
  • Museum of Bags and Purses
  • Allard Pierson Museum
  • Bijzondere Collecties UvA
  • Dutch Resistance Museum
  • Amsterdam Pipe Museum
  • Cobra Museum of Modern Art
  • Museum Van Loon
  • Museum Willet-Holthuysen
  • Hortus Botanicus Botanical Gardens
  • Bijbelsmuseum
  • Huis Marseille Photography Museum
  • Oude Kerk
  • Amsterdam ArenA – Ajax Stadium Tours
  • Amsterdam Tulip Museum
  • Houseboat Museum… and much, much more!

This city has seventy-five museums, which attract almost seven million visitors every year.

The Medieval Center, Red Light District, and Nieuwmarkt are in the core of the traveller activity, however, can be boisterous, as can parts of the Southern Canal Ring (especially around Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein). Calmer nearby yet at the same time focal neighbourhoods incorporate Vondelpark, the Western Canal Ring, the Jordaan and De Pijp. It’s ideal to pre-book your stay to have an easy tour.

Here are 18 tips for visiting Amsterdam

  1. History comes with steep stairs. Many hotels in the centre of the city require quite a jaunt up with luggage. Even restaurants and cafes may require a several-story climb up a historic staircase just to use the bathroom facilities.
  2. Watch your pockets.
  3. Holland and the Netherlands are not the same things.
  4. Skip the “hop on hop off” bus and do a canal tour instead.
  5. Bring cash and prepare to use the ATM.
  6. Watch the bicycles, seriously.
  7. Amsterdam has more canals and bridges than Venice.
  8. Don’t get stuck in lines!
  9. Bring an umbrella year-round.
  10. Stock up on the dairy.
  11. Don’t stress over the language barrier.
  12. Coffee shops and cafés are two different things.
  13. Put the camera down in the Red-Light District.
  14. Be careful when bringing tulips back.
  15. Pancakes aren’t just for breakfast.
  16. Get out of Amsterdam for a day.
  17. Use Park & Ride (P+R) if you’re driving into Amsterdam.
  18. Buy an OV-chipkaart.

If you have a day or weekend or a long holiday it’s going to be worth paying a visit to Amsterdam to enjoy the city’s beauty and lifetime activity cultural and artistic experience.



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